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The Sims - Bustin Out

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The Sims - Bustin Out

In the console version, Malcolm Landgraab is going around the neighborhood, repossessing items in return for unpaid rent. The player's objective is to complete each career track, unlock and buy back everyone's many possessions, and become rich enough to evict Malcolm from his mansion and move their own Sim in.

The Game Boy Advance and N-Gage version puts the player's Sim in a place called "SimValley" for summer holiday. Like the console version, GBA/N-Gage version gameplay is objective-based - every time the player completes a series of tasks, the game is allowed to progress. In this game, there are no furnishing objects to unlock. Instead, the player must complete all tasks to unlock new houses. Deviating from the "point-and-click" selection process heretofore used in every Sims title, this version allows the user to control their Sim directly, using the GBA's directional pad.

In both versions, there are various locations that Sims may visit throughout the course of the game. As Sims advance through the game, new areas become accessible. In the console version, new social interactions may be learned at a particular location. In the GBA version, new mini-games may be unlocked in certain areas. In the N-Gage version, new mini-games (jobs for the Sims)will be unlocked progressively when certain tasks are done. Also Sims can collect three cartridges from various locations and play these black and white classic games (Snakes etc) on the Sims's mobile phone.
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