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Civilization 2: Test of Time

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Civilization 2: Test of Time

In this game of war and strategy, you will use all your skill to conquer and dominate other nations and tribes. There will be new legends and a new history written based on your decisions. Rule the world with skill and defend your people with strength when they are attacked by other ruthless tribes! Dominate the world scene and you will see how the decisions of one person (you) makes can affect the history of nations! Once you strengthen your people, you will have the ability to travel to and conquest other worlds. Spread your dominance and wisdom throught all the world! There are two ways to win; be the first to conquer the world or the first to have your spacecraft land on another planet. The game will begin at 4,000 B.C. with very few scientific advancements available yet the whole world will be laid out for you to conquer. By wise play and even a little luck, you will be guiding your troops to victory! In order to obtain victory you may have to form alliances with friendly tribes and go to war with enemy tribes at the appropriate times. Enjoy this interactive strategy game and soon be ruling the world! Full Version Features * Unlimited play on up to 5 computers - you own the game! * Instant activation so you can play right away with no additional downloads required if you have the trial installed! * No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary. * 48-hour money back guarantee * Enjoy a game that won PC Gamer's Editor Choice award and Best Game of 2002 by PC World * Learn about past civilizations, their leaders, and native strengths and weaknesses * Grow in your strategic ability to manage many tasks at once, form solutions to new problems, and plan the best course to accomplish an objective. * Own a classic strategy game considered one of the very best!
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